The future of tax planning

TaxStrategist is Australia's first and only company utilising the power of innovative technology to deliver a powerful tax planning tool to accounting practices

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Compare Strategies

Create unlimited number of tax strategies and compare the outcomes to work out which tax strategy best suits your clients needs.

Cloud Based

Zero installation, instant setup. All data is stored on our highly secure cloud servers located within Australia. Your data never leaves the country.

Tax Group Structures

Every client structure is different. TaxStrategist can deal with any combination and number of individual, company, trust or partnership tax entities.

Latest Tax Rules

Tax legislation is changing all the time. TaxStrategist remains commited to staying up to date with the latest changes as they are released by the ATO.

Reports & Actions

Generate editable reports detailing tax movements, strategy outcomes, action plans, payment plans and more across each client tax group structure.

No More Spreadsheets

Still maintaining monolithic spreadsheets per client, sinking countless hours into keeping them up to date? TaxStrategist makes your spreadsheets obsolete.

We are Australia's only company, dedicated to providing accountants with a high value, professional tax planning tool that saves time, expands service capability and increases workflow efficiency. Our system has been created by accountants for accountants. TaxStrategist understands tax planning.

Use TaxStrategist to produce a professional Tax Planning Report and Action Plan for your clients. Your business clients want to know what strategies to put in place so they can legally minimise tax - Tax Strategist is the perfect tool to demonstrate that tax saving impact. Previously accountants have used many methodologies - phone, email, excel but nothing has been consistent and process driven... until now!

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