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Terms & Conditions


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that TaxStrategist Pty Ltd (hereby known as TaxStrategist) will not in any way be held responsible for the veracity, correctness, completeness or relevance of the data input provided by the Customer into the Service/tool. The Customer acknowledges that TaxStrategist will not be held responsible or liable for any business decisions that the Customer may make to their business operations or strategies as a consequence of the data output of the Service. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the data output of the Service is as accurate, complete and relevant as the data input by the Customer. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that they alone are responsible for understanding and interpreting the data output of the Service and further acknowledges and agrees that the Service does not purport to provide, nor does any data output constitute, any business advice, guidance or recommendations whatsoever.

TaxStrategist means TaxStrategist Pty Ltd, the owner/operator of the TaxStrategist online tax planning tool


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the purchase of the Product is a recurring annual subscription purchase entitling the Customer to access the Service for a recurring 12 month period, subject to ongoing payment at the anniversary date of the Customer account. With the exception of Product Add-ons, The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Product cannot be purchased pro rata for any period less than 12 months. If an Add-on is purchased during the 12 month period, the Add-on price will be charged pro rata for the remainder of that 12 month period. Prior to the expiration of the 12 month access period, the Customer will be notified by email and will be automatically charged on the anniversary date for purchase the Product (including Add-ons) again for an additional 12 month period. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that it will not be entitled to any refund or partial refund of the purchase price based on the Customer failing to use or access the Service for the full 12 month period. The Customer can close their account at any time, stopping all future recurring payments to their account. The Customer also acknowledges that account closure will not incur automatic refund for unused or remainder of the current 12 month period. In the event of extenuating or special circumstances, the Customer is encouraged to contact our support staff to discuss their situation and eligibility for a refund proportional to their circumstances. All disputes, refunds and questions can be lodged directly via and will be handled on a case by case basis. The Customer acknowledges that the decisions made by our support staff are final, and that every effort has been made by both parties to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of both parties.

Product means a recurring 12 month access to the Service

Add-on means additional functionality or user access licenses

Service means the online financial tool provided by TaxStrategist