Don't take our word for it...

"A great time effective add-on that allows us to steer value adding conversations with our clients"

"A fantastic tool that allows us to show our clients in real time the effect of our strategists and tax planning, so they can see the value we actually add"

Krushang Vaidya
Devenny Payne Taxation & Business Services

"TaxStrategist is a must have tool for any accounting practise to bring tax planning to the cloud and position a practise for the future"

Mark Holton
Dynamic Taxation & Training Services

"Every now and then a tool comes along that is a game changer. TaxStrategist is reinventing tax planning. I've not only used it as a customer, but have bought in as part of the team shaking up the tax planning industry"

Jane Heidrich
Ex-customer, now Founding Partner